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Retail Testimonial

“I wanted to write and thank you personally for your hard work and commitment in making sure the Murrayfield Store development was a success and was ready to open on time. I had...”

- Neil Sachdev, Commercial Director, Sainsbury's Ltd.

Grosvenor Centre Macclesfield Grosvenor Centre Macclesfield

Value: £6.2m
Completion Date: Jul 2018
Contract Period: 99 Weeks

Valley Centertainment Leisure Park, Sheffield Valley Centertainment Leisure Park, Sheffield

Value: £165,000
Completion Date: Feb 2011
Contract Period: 5 Weeks

Croft Retail Park, Bromborough Croft Retail Park, Bromborough

Value: £555,000
Completion Date: Oct 2010
Contract Period: 17 Weeks

Woolgate Centre, Witney Woolgate Centre, Witney

Value: £1.6million
Completion Date: Jun 2010
Contract Period: 32 Weeks

Friern Bridge Retail Park, London Friern Bridge Retail Park, London

Value: £2.7m
Completion Date: Aug 2012
Contract Period: 32 Weeks

Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth

Value: £5.1m
Completion Date: Mar 2013
Contract Period: 49 Weeks

The Strand, London The Strand, London

Value: £440k
Completion Date: Feb 2013
Contract Period: 18 Weeks

Princess Square Shopping Centre, Bracknell Princess Square Shopping Centre, Bracknell

Value: £420k
Completion Date: Jun 2013
Contract Period: 15 Weeks

Towerfields Leisure Park, Huntingdon Towerfields Leisure Park, Huntingdon

Value: £1.03m
Completion Date: Aug 2013
Contract Period: 23 Weeks

Department Store Refurbishment, Watford Department Store Refurbishment, Watford

Value: £1.5m
Completion Date: Dec 2013
Contract Period: 16 Weeks

Barbican Leisure Park, Plymouth Barbican Leisure Park, Plymouth

Value: £250k
Completion Date: Jan 2014
Contract Period: 9 Weeks

The Square Phase 1 and 2, Beeston The Square Phase 1 and 2, Beeston

Value: £3m
Completion Date: Dec 2015
Contract Period: 38 Weeks

Willow Place Shopping Centre,Corby Willow Place Shopping Centre,Corby

Value: £640k
Completion Date: Jan 2016
Contract Period: 20 Weeks

Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northampton Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northampton

Value: £373k
Completion Date: Mar 2016
Contract Period: 12 Weeks

The Light, Leeds The Light, Leeds

Value: £1.2m
Completion Date: Nov 2016
Contract Period: 18 Weeks