The Woodland Trust, Grantham


The Woodland Trust

Designed by Architects Fielden, Clegg, Bradley, the new headquarters for the Woodland Trust, in Grantham, Lincolnshire will house a staff of 200 people and aims to create a highly innovative and sustainable building achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The Bowmer & Kirkland Group were appointed as Main Contractors for the scheme and B&K Structures secured the contract to design, manufacture and install glulam structural timber and a unique cross-laminated timber roof structure, design to provide a sustainable structural roof incorporating large areas of suspended concrete slabs throughout the interior. The concrete will provide a large thermal mass which will act as a natural radiator by absorbing heat from the offices during the day and recycling to make significant contributions towards reducing energy usage.

We have undertaken stringent in-house testing to ensure that the bonding and weight between the concrete and the engineered timber meets all the necessary safety requirements. The tests will continue throughout the life of the project. The building is intended to strengthen the Woodland Trust core cultural values as the leading voluntary sector organisation devoted to the conservation of the UK’s woodland.

“Bowmer & Kirkland have done exactly what they said they would at interview. They have been a cohesive team that has worked well together and worked well with our Design team and have always focussed on delivering high quality. Other positive experiences include, our respective QS’s have been able to take a very constructive approach to cost issues and we have not had any notable debates about variations and our building presented some significant technical challenges and B&K rose to the occasion. Our architects, who have worked with most of the major builders, have been very impressed with them in terms of co-operation and skills.”

- Julian Purvis, The Woodlands Trust